The name lavender is taken from the Latin ‘lavare’ meaning ‘to wash’. Civilisations as far back as the Romans have used its clean, floral fragrance to freshen fabrics. However, lavender’s long history in the laundry is mostly between the sheets.

According to fable and folklore, lavender is a powerful tool in the art of seduction. Cleopatra wore lavender perfume to lure her lovers and myth has it that a couple never quarrels when lavender heads are kept in their bed. In medieval times, Alpine girls buried its buds in their lover’s linen in the hope of turning their thoughts to romance.

Lavender is also a magical ‘multi-tasker’. It was used as an antiseptic to clean Roman communal baths and to disinfect hospitals during World War One. Its oils are believed to heal scars and its fragrance is said to revive the faint-hearted. Lavender’s floral, sweet scent combined with its woody, pungent perfume is both stimulating and soothing.

The ancient Greeks were the first to discover that lavender released a restful aroma. Inhaling its floral fragrance is believed to move the mind to a meditative state. Bundles of lavender buds can still be found today tucked under the pillows of deep sleepers around the world.

Lavender’s proven track record makes it the king of fragrances to freshen laundry. When the washing’s done, take a moment to inhale lavender’s fresh fragrance, wash away your worries and transport yourself to a peaceful place.

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