Little Lifts


Take time out from your busy day to trigger magical moments with one (or all!) of our tips to lift your spirits.

Meditate when you wake
Start your day by clearing your mind of what you should or could be doing. Light a scented candle, inhale its soothing smell and focus on its flickering flame. Shut your eyes and see the flame still dancing in your mind’s eye.

Write a daily ‘to do’ list
Whether it’s a household chore or a task at work, try to tackle whatever is always pushed to the bottom of your list. A sense of accomplishment is relieving and refreshing.

Take a walk
Stride up a hill to get closer to the clouds or wander barefoot on the beach to feel the sand beneath your feet. Breathe deeply and feel the fresh breeze on your face. Let your body bloom and set your mind free. Indulge in life’s simple pleasures.

Recreate your happiest childhood moments
Play a much-loved game, visit a place you enjoyed as a child or guzzle your favourite ice cream flavour. Transport yourself back to a time when you hadn’t a care in the world.

Spend time with a friend
A true friend will lift you up when you’re feeling down and be by your side to celebrate your successes. Whether you are sharing laughter or shedding tears, time spent with friends is a reassuring tonic for life.

Laugh out loud
A hearty laugh will trigger your brain’s ‘happy’ chemicals. Laughter is healing, calming and will also give your stomach a good workout. Share a joke or watch a funny film – whatever tickles your fancy.

Play music
Leave the words running through your mind behind and lose yourself in the lyrics. Feel the rhythm flow through your body and if the mood takes you – dance!

Take a bedtime bath
Round off your day, immersed in a deep, bubble bath. Feel the warm water flowing over you and the steam soaking into your skin. Wash away the dust of the day and watch your worries simply float away.

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