Banishing odours


Delightful and uplifting fragrances are blended to give Surf its super freshening powers. But not everything in your home can be put in the washing machine and stubborn smells have a habit of hanging around. Try these simple tricks to banish even the trickiest smells that repel.

Stale smoke
Baking soda sprinkled over the carpet will absorb tobacco odours so you can vacuum the smell away. Replace stale smoke with the natural aroma of potpourri, homemade with rose petals, lemon rind and cinnamon sticks.

Damp and dank
Open all the windows to allow fresh air to flow freely through your home. Avoid musty smells by ensuring your laundry is bone-dry before putting it away.

In the bathroom
Use a match-lit candle to wizard away unwelcome whiffs. The match’s sulphur masks smells while the candle’s flame burns odours off.

Body odour
To stop body odour lingering in your laundry basket, wear specially designed manmade fabrics for exercise and natural fibres when you aren’t working up a sweat. Walk barefoot whenever possible to let your feet breathe.

Pongy pets
Wash your pet’s bedding regularly and separately. Cats will take care of themselves but don’t forget to wash the dog! A doggy bath with shampoo made from watery porridge will keep their fur fresh for longer.

Trouble spots
Crumpled newspaper sprinkled with baking soda will absorb drips and smells at the bottom of bins. Freshen the fridge with a cleaning solution of vanilla essence mixed with water and pour a little tea tree oil down the drain to disperse foul odours.

Cooking smells
Cook with the extractor fan on and remember to wash your tea towels regularly. Put a tablespoon of vinegar in a saucepan of water, boil on a high heat and watch its vinegary steam chase cooking smells away.

Odours can be banished with the help of products found in every kitchen cupboard, but our trophy tip is to regularly wash everything that is machine washable. Surf’s delightful, long-lasting signature fragrances will banish bad odours, leaving your linen, fabrics and whole home fresh for longer.

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