Jasmim do oriente

Native to India and South East Asia, jasmine was cultivated in the gardens of Chinese emperors and across the world for its potent perfume and medicinal properties. Jasmine’s fragile flowers pack a powerful punch to our sense of smell. To capture their scent, the star shaped buds must be hand picked at sunrise before they open and their fragrance is lost in the heat of the day.

Jasmine is an antiseptic and a sedative with pain-relieving powers. It is believed to rejuvenate the liver and remedy reproductive and respiratory disorders. Its root is still used in modern China to treat headaches and insomnia. The Chinese also dry jasmine’s bright green leaves to make tea and use as a culinary ingredient to add a sweet, fragrant flavour.

In India, the jasmine plant is called ‘the queen of the night’. Its fragrance is thought to be so powerful that it can lighten fear of the dark. Legend also has it that jasmine’s bewitching and seductive aroma has aphrodisiac qualities that can help resolve romantic dilemmas.

Jasmine’s warm, comforting and sweet scent is said to produce feelings of optimism, develop playfulness, improve confidence and evoke euphoria. Its fragrance will lift your spirits and allow your imagination to run free.

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