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  • Well…
    If you have a top loader put the scoop of powder or cap of liquid in first and then add your clothes. If you have a front loader put your scoop of powder or capfull of liquid into the dispenser drawer. this depends on the type of machine you have and the product you are using:

Question 2

  • Yes. Surf is ideal for cleaning coloured garments. But some fabrics are more susceptible to fading and some pastel shades are more proneto subtle colour changes. This should be indicated by a "do not bleach" symbol on their care label. If you are in doubt, use a specialistcolour product. wash.

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  • Washing machines should dissolve powders without leaving a residue. But the size of load, the level and pressure of water and the length of cycle can affect the rinsing power of a machine. Try not to overload and if you still get powder residue, brush it off and give your washing an extra rinse. wash

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